13 Autumn Goals

My friend Lilian just launched her blog, Petticoat Pedaler, and devised (along with help from some friends) an idea to set and complete 13 goals during the autumn season.  You can view her post about the challenge here!  Although we’re already a week into fall, there are still 12 weeks in which to set and achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.  I am taking the challenge and will occasionally update my blog regarding any progress made.  These are the guidelines (taken from Lilian’s post) by which I created my goals:

  • 1 item needs to be difficult (at least one thing on this list really needs to challenge you)
  • 1 financial goal
  • 1 item needs to benefit someone else (an act of kindness, volunteer work, etc.)
  • 1 item should be something you are doing for the first time. (Try something new.)
  • At least 2 items should involve a group or being social.  (You don’t have to speak in public, but at least do something with friends)
  • 3 items should be based on the season
  • 3 items need to be creative
  • 3 items need to make you smile. (Do something you will be proud of or that will make you happy)

I’ve come up with a list of goals I’d like to accomplish, though some may change along the way.  Of course, I will note that in an update if it should happen.  Here is my somewhat tentative list:

  • Lose 10 lbs: I do consider this difficult because I have been severely lacking in self-discipline lately and it’s taking me a lot of effort to get back to better eating and exercising habits.
  • Stick to my 52-week saving challenge: I had to use the money from my savings jar earlier this year, and only recently started over, so I would really like to continue through the season (and beyond) without needing to dip into the jar.  By the end of fall I should have $190 in my jar, which is actually a big Halloween Pocky container. XD
  • I have yet to decide on an act of kindness.  It might end up being a spur-of-the-moment sort of thing.
  • Enter a poetry contest: I love writing and have recently been browsing contests to possibly enter.  I think it’s time to take the plunge and just do it.  Alternately, I would like to go to one of the local pumpkin patches (I’ve never gone to one before!) and bring home a couple of nice pumpkins to decorate the porch with.
  • My two group/social items are also to-be-determined.
  • 1. Take Halloween-themed photos of my newest ball-jointed doll, Yuki, a Zuzu Delf Persi (Nine Tails): I have a Halloween dress on the way and have a little witch hat, cauldron, broom, and other items to outfit her with!  2. Write something fall-themed.  3. Unsure, but I have a lot of fall recipes and would like to try out a new pumpkin dessert.
  • 1. Take Halloween-themed photos of Yuki.  2. Write something fall-themed.  3. Paint a canvas (undecided on this one).
  • 1. Send a surprise Halloween treat/package to someone.  2. Attend a festival or other event.  3. Read a seasonal book.

As per Lilian’s info, some of my goals fit under multiple categories, but if I think of other things I’d like to do, I might swap some things around or add additional items.  Otherwise, that’s my list of goals for the autumn season!  I’m looking forward to pushing myself to be more productive and creative this season!

Happy autumn, everyone!


4 thoughts on “13 Autumn Goals

  1. That is a good list of goals. I am especially excited to see the results of the poetry contest and the pictures of Yuki. Believe in yourself. You can do it. Just try to do a little each day.

    • It was more difficult than I thought to come up with my list, and some of them I’m still unsure of, but I feel pretty good about what I have. I’m really excited! I realized one of the poetry contests I wanted to enter ends today, so I submitted a poem last night. That’s already one thing accomplished! But I’m trying to decide if I want to share my poem publicly on my blog or just post it to my LJ for friends to see. :3

    • Haha! Don’t feel bad! It’s cool. :3 I’m not particularly consistent since sometimes I’m not sure what to blog about. Lol.

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