Five Senses – Fall Edition

A while back (probably a year or more ago), a friend of mine posted a Five Senses post for the holidays.  At the time, I thought it was a great idea and planned on snagging the idea and preparing my own post soon after.  Well, that never happened.  However, I felt that now would be a wonderful time to start, making this a series I will do for all four seasons.  So, here are some things I love for each of the five senses this fall.


1. Pumpkins – With seasonal décor out and everyone preparing for Halloween, pumpkins seem to be appearing everywhere.  And now pumpkin patches have magically started materializing around town!

2. Houndstooth – I love this pattern, and apparently it is quite in this season.  I’m seeing so many clothing items and accessories that incorporate this classic pattern.

3. Autumn and Halloween colors!

4. Sunsets – Somehow they seem so much more magical this time of year.


1. Cinnamon – As soon as I walk into the grocery store I get hit with the yummy scent of decorative cinnamon wreaths and brooms.  And anything else featuring this warm spice automatically triggers thoughts of fall in my mind.

2. Fall home fragrances – Give me all the pumpkin candles, autumn wax tarts, and other things that will make the house smell like a Fall festival!candles


1. A slightly cooler breeze on my skin – An incredibly welcome feeling in South Texas!

2. Kitty fur – Hide’s is silky as usual, but for some reason Sebastian’s coat feels extra cuddly right now.

3. A nice, smooth hand cream – Fall scents, please!  Right now I’m using Vermont Sugar Maple from Bath & Body Works.


1. Pumpkin, apple, chocolate, warm and sweet spices, sweet potatoes.

Need I say more?


1. MIKA’s Origin of Love album

2. Baths’ Obsidian album

3. Ben L’Oncle Soul

4. Birds chirping

5. A variety of nice instrumental mixes I’ve found via 8tracks.

Now I’ll be looking forward to a winter edition!  Hope you’re all having a lovely fall so far!


2 thoughts on “Five Senses – Fall Edition

  1. Oh what a wonderful idea for a series. I do look forward to seeing these in the future.
    I have to agree with you on the pumpkins and fall colors. those are some of my favorite sights in fall. The one I would have to add is M45(Pleiades) also called the seven sisters. It is my favorite celestial object and is visible during fall. I am going to have to look out for the hounds tooth. I hadn’t seen it in the shops yet.
    I also agree with you on cinnamon. MMMM.
    I don’t know about touch, but as for taste I adore sweet potato and mince meat.
    Bird chirping? That’s a good one. They have been very nice in the mornings. I must go and hunt down all the autumn themed 8tracks now.
    Here’s looking to the winter edition.

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