Five Senses – Winter Edition

Back in October, I posted an entry listing my favorite fall things as related to the five senses.  We’re a good way into winter, and a few cold days have reminded me of some of my favorite winter things.  So, here are some things I love this winter!


1. The wing print on my favorite sweater.


2. The moon shining in the sky on a winter night.

3. Skeletal trees.


1. Peppermint.  I think peppermint is a quintessential winter scent, and one I always enjoy throughout the season.  Right now I have a peppermint scent in my Scentsy warmer and peppermint hand soap in my bathroom.  Also, it’s such a cheery fragrance, so uplifting!

2. Philosophy’s Spiced Gingerbread Cookie 3-in-1 shower gel, shampoo, and bubble bath.  Perfection!

3. The fireplace.  A log burning on the fire is such a comfortable and comforting scent.


1. Snuggly blankets.

2. Nice, rich hand and body creams to keep my skin moisturized during these cooler months.

3. Cool weather!  We’ve had some really cold days (for South Texas), and even though it’s warmed up over the past couple of days, the cool breeze feels amazing!


1. Hot cocoa.

cocoa and tea

2. Apple cider (and apple cider cocktails!).

3. Spiced teas.

4. Chocolate.

5. Gingerbread.  Made some yummy gingerbread muffins recently!


1. The wind blowing.

2. Charlie Winston.

3. Kings of Leon.

4. Pearl Jam – Sirens.

5. Midwinter Masquerade [2012].

6. Kpop!  After not keeping up with much Korean music over the past year or so, my interesting in and love for it was somehow reignited last weekend.  :3

Alright!  Next up…spring!  Hope you’re all having a magical winter!


3 thoughts on “Five Senses – Winter Edition

  1. Goodness, just the words skeletal trees evokes some nice imagery for me.

    Peppermint is a wonderful smell. I love the smell of fire wood. Mmm. Such a comfort smell for me.

    Seeing all the tastes reminds me that I haven’t done any baking this season. Mmm, gingerbread.

    Ah music. I am going to have to check out the music. And the sound of the wind. That is a good one.

    Great list! I look forward to spring. Have you seen the flowers? There are already flowers blooming.

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