Cosplay Planning: Punk/Rock Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time)

I’ve never cosplayed before, though I’ve thought and talked about it many times throughout my almost 11 years attending conventions.

Last year at A-Kon, my lovely friends and I discussed doing an Adventure Time princesses group this year, so I’ve been mulling over the possibilities every since.  When I decided to go with Princess Bubblegum, I was pretty sure I wanted to do my own version of her, so I’m going with a punk or rocker version of Princess Bubblegum.  Now, hopefully I’ll be able to get everything I need in time to pull it all together, but for now I thought I’d share some of my ideas here.  Maybe someone reading this will have some additional ideas or suggestions to share.

I am so not good with graphics programs, but I put together a silly little collage of some of the things I like/want to get, with a list of things I still need to decide on/consider…such as how to go about making my own version of PB’s crown.

collage-new version

Clock-wise from top-left:

Dr. Martens 1460 W Hot Pink Patent Boots or something similar, and perhaps less expensive.

Rock & Republic Embellished Denim Vest, which is already in my possession, though I’m not 100% whether or not it will actually become part of this costume.

Wig from Miss Violet Lace, though if I want this specific wig (though I may still modify it by cutting the bangs straight), I may have to request a custom order as I haven’t seen a listing for one for many months.  Also, I never realized how hard it was to find the perfect pink wig!

Bubblegum Rock T-shirt

Science the Rat Iron on Patch from That’s What I Needed @ etsy.

Pink Crystal Pendant Necklace (which I already have) from The Young Aesthetic @ etsy.

Needle Felted Peppermint Butler Brooch from Fluffy Parcel @ etsy.

Science Pin from Hey Chickadee.

Some of these things may change.  Also, as you can see by my list, there are some things I have no ideas about yet.  At first I was thinking of getting a sort of tutu-type skirt, but I’m really not sure.  Additionally, I don’t know what other jewelry or accessories would work well, how I should do my makeup, and what I should do about the crown (though I have an idea I might try out).  So yes, these are some of the things I’m considering for my very first time cosplaying.  We’ll see how it goes if I’m able to get what I need and make it work!


4 thoughts on “Cosplay Planning: Punk/Rock Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time)

    • HECK YEAH! I have a pair of black moto-style boots that I could wear to save money on the shoes. I liked the idea of having pink boots, but they’re expensive! We’ll see. XD And I definitely need to look into different options as far as bottoms go. ❤

  1. Oh what fun. Your first cosplay! I am excited for you. Boots can be expensive. The question I would ask on an item like that would be are you going to wear the boots again? Or can you resell them?

    BTW You linked some awesome shops. Like the wig shop. Squeeee! XD I already pinned some wigs. And the Hey Chickadee shop is filled to the brim with adorable things. Have fun with your first cosplay and take pictures. Lots of pictures.

    • I’m so excited! Yeah, those boots would end up being the most expensive item of the entire costume. D: I’m starting to lean toward just wearing my black motorcycle-style boots that I got for my birthday. I would probably wear the pink boots again, but probably not as often as I would wear them in they were a black or some other color (as much as I love pink!).

      Yay! Glad you found some stuff you like. Miss Violet Lace has such pretty wigs! I would buy a whole collection if I could. XD Hey Chickadee has such adorable stuff.

      And yes…will be sure to take lots of pics! ❤

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