Things I Love Thursday: The Scent of Honeysuckle

This week has been particularly trying, especially as far as work is concerned.  However, amidst all the stress and frustration, here are a few things that have made me smile over the past week:

  • Kylie Bellard’s recipe for dream fulfillment.
  • M.A.C cosmetics.
  • Spending last Friday running around town and shopping with my mom and the twin monster. ❤
  • The scent of honeysuckle.
  • My “Note from the Universe” from April 21st:

The experiment has been a success, Lacy.

You can now tell everyone you’re a SUPERCOOLHAPPYLOVETHING to whom no limits apply.

The Universe

I suppose I’ll leave it at that.  I have some silly game-play videos to watch!

I hope you’re all having a lovely week. ❤




2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday: The Scent of Honeysuckle

  1. Sorry that your week was frustrating. Here’s hoping for more pleasant weeks ahead.

    As for the list, that was a great recipe. I think it might be cute to print it out and put it in one’s personal cookbook. Then make hand written notations over time so it looks like you have experimented with it to an on looker. That or put the recipe into your Radical Self Love Bible.

    I have heard good things about M.A.C., but never tried it. Anything in particular you are loving from them?

    Twin monster. lol That is cute.

    Enjoy the silly game-play videos. I need to catch up on FLoB.

    • Great idea! I think the recipe would make an excellent addition to my Radical Self Love Bible!

      The M.A.C. lipsticks I’ve tried so far are fantastic! I can put one on in the morning, run around all day, even eat and drink, and still have color on. They also go on really smooth and don’t have that weird smell some lipsticks have. And they have lots of colors and finished to choose from. Even though they’re somewhat pricey ($16 each), I think it’s worth it because of how long they last and how nicely they go on. I also have a concealer and a couple of eye shadows that are good, but when I had my makeup done at that event they were doing, the girl that did my makeup used some other products on me that I’d like to eventually get as well.

      Haha, yeah. We used to call each other by all kinds of little nicknames like that. XD

      I’ve been watching a fair amount of game-play stuff, but I need to catch up on FLoB too!

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