Things I Love Thursday: Vacation Anticipation

Hi there, and happy Thursday!  Hope everyone is having a super-special-awesome week!  Here’s another gratitude/happiness/love list:

  • Hosting a tea party with Chantel and spending the entire day having fun with Lilian from Petticoat Pedaler.
  • Coconut Chai with half & half and sugar.
  • Shorter work weeks (AKA: Taking extra days off).
  • Water infused with lemon, lime, mint, and ginger.
  • Making progress on my cosplay.
  • The fact that I only have to work two more days before my scheduled time off for A-Kon.  Yay!
  • Laughing until my stomach hurts.
  • The adorable food-shaped-and-scented jewelry at Tiny Hands.
  • Kambriel on etsy.  Such fantastic clothes, which could potentially serve as great writing inspiration as well!
  • Big Easy multi-balancing complexion perfector from Benefit Cosmetics.
  • Reading (of course!).
  • Hamilton the Hipster Cat.
  • Sleeping with Sebastian at my feet.
  • Adding things to my ever-expanding favorites/likes lists on etsy.
  • Carnations.


One thought on “Things I Love Thursday: Vacation Anticipation

  1. Oh my gods, the jewelry at Tiny Hands looks delicious. And so cute.

    Speaking of cute, the adorable macarons at the tea party you threw were amazing. We have got to hang out more.

    Aw, kitty time is always precious.

    OMG! Kambriel has some amazing clothes. I am already pinning things.

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