Things I Love Thursday: Convention Stuffs

Hello there, everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well on this lovely (though incredibly hot) Thursday.  I’m staying cool inside and hoping to quickly kick this cold or whatever it is I have.  I’m going to go ahead and blame being around so many people at A-Kon.  I used to get sick after almost every convention I attended, but this is the first time in several years it has happened.  So disappointed!  Anyway, here is my very convention-centric list for the week!  And I’ll hopefully have a proper A-Kon post up soon (just gotta load my pictures to my computer and wait for a few more from a friend).

  • A-Kon!
  • Cards Against Humanity.  Does it say anything in particular about me that I won both games we played?
  • Cosplaying with friends.
  • Mozart Bakery.
  • BBQ Chicken pizza.
  • A wonderful box of goodies from Liz.
  • Frozen cappuccino colada.
  • Being called foxy by the Banana Guard (I was in my Princess Bubblegum costume).
  • Finally getting home after a slow, and therefore much longer, drive from Dallas.
  • Catching up on Minecraft and other game-play videos.
  • Hot tea with honey.
  • Laughing.  😀
  • The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie.

Until next time!



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