13 Summer Goals

It’s goal-setting time again!  This will be my fourth installment in this series, and while I hope to continue to set small goals to work toward each season, I’m not sure I will continue to document them on my blog.  I feel like it may be a bit old, especially if I ever end up with an actual readership over here.  I’ll find new, fun things to post.  And perhaps I’ll share some goals and achievements in other ways.

Before I list out my goals for what I know will be a sizzling summer here in South Texas, let me get a little update in regarding the goals I set for spring.  I didn’t lose the 10 pounds I was hoping to lose, but I did lose 7 pounds.  Of course, I went on vacation and started eating crappy food again, so I probably set myself back once again.  I saved enough for A-Kon without being in a pinch at home or at the convention, went to A-Kon, cosplayed, crafted items for my cosplay, and donated to Kids Need to Read via A-Kon’s charity initiative.  I also hosted (with Chantel) a tea party, went to the botanical gardens, bought myself a spring bouquet (which also served as a great tea party centerpiece), filled in at least one new page a week in my Radical Self Love Bible, and made vanilla cupcakes with vanilla French butter cream for my mom’s birthday.  I think I was able to cross off more goals this spring than in the previous seasons that I’ve been doing this.  Of course, as usual, I had trouble with the writing goal I set for myself.  And, unfortunately, I was unable to attend a picnic.  Too much other stuff going on!

Now, here’s my list for this summer:

1. Get organized with my writing.

2. Save at least $20 a week.

3. Donate to another worthy cause.

4. Unscheduled/undecided social activity.

5. Unscheduled/undecided social activity.

6. Have a weekly craft day/time and make some stuff with sculpey, paint a picture, draw, or do something else artistic.

7. Go outside and blow bubbles.

8. Create my own magical girl persona.

9. Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo.

10. Spend time with my characters outside of actually writing their stories (for example, consider their back-stories, write out profiles, try to sketch them, etc.).

11. Make s’mores.

12. Go to the movies.

13. Make homemade popsicles.

There were are!  I’m really hoping that Camp NaNoWriMo will push me to really accomplish something with my writing this summer.  I’ve pretty consistently failed the writing goals I’ve set for myself recently, so it would feel so good to make some progress one at least one of my stories.  Do you have any goals you’d like to accomplish this summer?


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