Five Senses – Summer Edition

It’s about that time again!  Summer is winding down, and fall is infiltrating the air (as well as almost every store I’ve been to recently).  Here’s my list of things I’ve been loving this summer, as related to the five senses.


The beach (water, waves, sand, seagulls, etc.), lightning, images and videos of all the awesome and silly things my GISHWHES team accomplished, my new car parked in front of the house.


Fresh watermelon, new books, watermelon lemonade car freshener, blackberry bramble tea candle, rain.


Cool water in a public fountain, kitty hugs (the newest member of the family is quite a snuggler), warm sand beneath my feet.


Blue coconut snow cones, homemade raspberry-mint lemonade popsicles, white flesh peaches, hatch chile everything.


Rude by Magic!, Get Your Guns by The Darling Buds, Work It Out by Knox Hamilton, Vacationer, thunder and rain.


What have you been particularly in to this summer?


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