32 Things That Make Me Happy

Several months ago I happened upon a blog called Two Thirds Hazel.  More specifically, I happened upon this 32 Things That Make Me Happy post.  In addition to sharing a list of 32 things that make her happy, Erin encouraged readers to make their own lists.  Although the link up is no longer active/open, I wanted to take the challenge and put together my own list of things that make me happy.  Here it is!

  1.  Flowers
  2.  A really good cheeseburger
  3.  Talking to and seeing friends
  4.  Anime
  5.  Watching people play video games on YouTube (particularly Minecraft and other games from the Mindcrack group and their friends)
  6.  Sweets
  7.  Cats (animals in general, really)
  8.  Pretty smelling bath and body products
  9.  The perfect lipstick
  10.  Books (reading, touching, smelling, everything about them) 32 happy things 004
  11.  A good cup of coffee or tea
  12.  When someone really likes something I’ve cooked or baked
  13.  That feeling of wonder when you visit a place you’ve never traveled to before
  14.  Thunderstorms and the smell of rain
  15.  Creating characters
  16.  That Cynthia calls Chantel and me her magical unicorns ❤
  17.  Giving gifts
  18.  Spending the day with my mom and Chantel
  19.  Getting a nice new haircut/style
  20.  Cool weather
  21.  Music
  22.  Candles 32 happy things 003
  23.  Shopping
  24.  Swimming (which I don’t get to do very often)
  25.  Cute things like plushies, stickers, etc 32 happy things 002
  26.  Taking pictures
  27.  Daydreaming
  28.  City lights twinkling in the night
  29.  The holiday season
  30.  Writing a scene for one of my stories and really loving it
  31.  Browsing and finding inspiration on Pinterest
  32.  Receiving stuff in the mail, such as letters, gifts, purchases, and other fun stuff (boo to junk, bills, and the like)

I’d love to read about what makes you happy, so if you post your own list be sure to let me know in the comments!


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