13 Goals – Fall 2014

Okay, so I know when I posted my summer goals I said I probably wasn’t going to document my goals here anymore.  I might have lied.  I want to keep challenging myself to get stuff done and do more things, and I think documenting my list here is a good way to try to hold myself accountable.

Several of my summer goals when unaccomplished: organizing my writing, saving $20 per week (I did well with this until I had to put what I’d saved so far toward a down payment on a newer car), having a weekly craft day, creating my magical girl persona (I still want to do this), and going to the movies.  However, I donated through the Animal Rescue Site to help kitties in need, made homemade popsicles, hosted a doll meet-up, did lots of social stuff for GISHWHES, blew bubbles outside, spent time with my characters, wrote 25,000 words of one of my stories for Camp NaNoWriMo, and made s’mores.

My list for this fall includes a lot of creating, so hopefully I can get my inspiration flowing, overcome my bouts of indifference (sometimes I just feel so unmotivated despite all the things I want to do),  and produce some great stuff!  So, here is my list of goals for this fall:

  1.  Participate in and win NaNoWriMo, though I will be rebelling and continuing with an already-in-progress story instead of starting something new.
  2.  Save at least $100.
  3.  Undecided donation/act of kindness.
  4.  Paint a canvas.  I believe I put this on one of my first two lists, but I still haven’t done it!
  5.  Undetermined social thing #1.
  6.  Undetermined social thing #2.
  7.  Try a new Thanksgiving dessert.
  8.  Write an autumn-themed thing, likely a short story or some poems.
  9.  Fill five pages in a sketchbook.
  10.  Post ten non-Things I Love Thursday blog posts.
  11.  Treat myself on my birthday.
  12.  Get a nice new haircut.
  13.  Work on my happy playlist.

And there it is!  Anyone reading this want to accomplish anything in particular over the course of this most wonderful of seasons?


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