Things I Love Thursday: Twinkling Lights & Chilly Weather

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these.  I could say I’m not sure why I haven’t kept up with it, but that wouldn’t be very honest of me.  I just been feeling so “meh” about everything lately, so it’s been difficult to do even the things I really do want to do, such as write and blog and create.  But, I’m trying.  And this is a perfect day to post such a list.  Here we go…

  • Spending time with family.
  • Homemade chicken and dumplings.
  • My grandma’s pea salad.
  • Cupcakes!
  • Iced sweet green tea with raspberry (a new Starbucks favorite).
  • Fireball cinnamon whiskey in cream soda.
  • Watching my kitties play with their Christmas presents.
  • A nice Christmas day phone conversation with my super-amazing friend Cynthia.
  • Twinkling lights and chilly weather.
  • City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare.
  • Playing with my dad’s dogs.
  • Giving gifts.
  • Painting my nails dark green with a red glitter coat over the top.  So festive!
  • Having a log on the fire.
  • Hozier’s “From Eden”.
  • Watching Guude play Alien: Isolation.

What’s on your list today/this week?  I hope anyone reading this is having a beautiful holiday!


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