A-Kon 26! Kawaii Coven!

So, I haven’t posted in a long time. Blah blah blah, excuses and what-not. Well, I returned home from my annual trip to Dallas for A-Kon a few of weeks ago, and since I’ve been blogging about that every year, I figured now is a good time to get back to blogging.  Here we go!

Thursday: Arrived in Dallas slightly later than anticipated. I blame jerk-ass truckers and road construction! Chantel and I picked up our badges, and then we took off with Liz for our traditional jaunt around Dallas. And by jaunt, I mean we went to LUSH, H-Mart, and to get food. We ate at Mooyah, which I’d heard of but never been to, and their turkey burger and sweet potato fries are delicious, especially when you haven’t eaten a substantial meal all day. Unfortunately, our delays caused us to miss an event we wanted to attend with Liz. Boo. We’ll have to make up for that next year!

This year we had two friends (Sara and D) with us that hadn’t attended/stayed in many years. It was really fun to hang out, and we spent Thursday evening having drinks and snacks, watching Archer, and playing Cards Against Humanity.

Friday: After eating breakfast, having coffee, and getting ready, we headed out with one destination in mind. The DEALER’S ROOM/ARTIST’S ALLEY! Yes, shopping! Also, Liz, Bobii, and D were dressed as the kids from Bob’s Burgers, and they looked great! The only specific item I was on the lookout for was a pink wig for with my witch costume. I hadn’t found one I liked and could afford in advance, so all I had was pink clip-in bangs and was kind of counting on being able to find a wig in the Dealer’s Room. Of course, I got distracted looking at everything else, drifted from the Dealer’s Room to Artist’s Alley, and returned to the room without looking at wigs. But Chantel and I wanted to take our dollies down to the DollAkon room, so we had a snack and ventured back out. And lucky me, in addition to finding a new wig by the awesome La Esperanza Doll Shop in the doll room, I found myself the cutest pink wig in the Dealer’s Room! Success!

There were way more food truck options this year, and we opted for food from Cajun Tailgaters for dinner. I had jambalaya and hush puppies. The jambalaya was super spicy but good, and the hush puppies were delicious!

Friday night was also spent having drinks and snacks, watching HGTV, and playing Super Fight.

Saturday: Cosplay day! Chantel, Liz, Bobii, and I were witches on Saturday. It was fun dressing up again, and while we were in costume, I commissioned LULULIN to do a Cat-icature of me. It turned out so cute, and I can’t wait to get it framed. I also commissioned Haggard Hare to draw a chibi of Saga after seeing how cute the one was that Chantel had done of Rook. Also on Saturday, our friend Dai, who we hadn’t seen in like…four years, came by. She was in town for a concert, but wanted to see us for a bit and check out the con. However, the registration lines had gotten so long, that Liz and I ended up letting Dai and her friend borrow our badges so they could go shop for a bit. So Liz and I hung out in the room for a while, which allowed us to just chit-chat, get the room a bit more organized, and retrieve more ice for the ice chest.

We witches had tickets for the Goblin Market Saturday night as well. The idea is that attendees can trade away intangible things such as eye color, memories, etc, in exchange for various trinkets and baubles, but no money can exchange hands. As the hour approached, we were all a bit iffy (anxiety!) and still hadn’t had dinner. So, we ordered Thai and figured we’d see how we felt after eating a good meal. It was a little after 8 (when the market was supposed to open), and we decided to not chicken out, especially since we’d spent money on the tickets already. I’m so glad we went!

The event took place in an area of the hotel outside of the main event spaces. In line, one of the goblins approached us and got us a bit pumped up for what might await us inside. I was even more excited after that, and that guy’s character was great! We went inside, got our actual tickets (there was a raffle at the end of the market), and made our way upstairs to the increasing volume of music played on a piano. When we arrived on the landing, there was a man and woman playing piano and singing for the entertainment of market attendees. We went into the room on the right first and just sort of looked around until we saw people with little bottles in their hands. Then we saw there was a line from the landing at the top of the stairs into another room on the left. While we waited in line, the lady entertainer saw Bobii dancing along to the music and invited her to dance. When we thought back on what the goblin told us while we were in line, we realized that Bobiii had enjoyed a dance with the devil! Oh my! She was also approached by a goblin wanting recipes, as all of hers had been stolen!

When we made it into the other room, there were two tables set up where people were playing black jack to gamble away memories and such for whatever the goblins were trading. I don’t know black jack and all the seats were filled, so I passed on that. However, on the left there was a counter where two goblins were offering up a taste of whatever sin you might like to try, no strings attached. Intriguing! I couldn’t decide what I wanted, and ended up picking Wrath when it was my turn. Bobii also chose Wrath, Chantel chose Lust, and Liz chose Sloth. Of course, we all had to sample each other’s sins. Wrath was a bit fizzy, sort of like lemon-lime soda, but with a burning feeling as it went down my throat. But, I drank it all and now have the bottle on display on my desk. Upon returning to the room on the right, we figured out that one goblin wanted stories, memories, and other such things in exchange for little glowing vials. One goblin was acting as a sort of fortune teller, though we didn’t linger near her area for long, so I could be wrong. Another goblin was accepting souls in exchange for whatever he deemed worthy as well as dealing in revenge (in the form of little voodoo doll charms). I was ready to offer up my soul and sign a contract for unlimited success doing what I love, but even when Chantel and I offered him a 2-for-1 deal on our twin souls, he chose others with which to make his final deals. Ah well, maybe next year. There was also a performer doing things like lifting a cinder block attached to ropes that were attached to his beard, snapping his hand in some kind of hinged trap, and hammering a nail into his nose. At the end of the evening, the goblins gave away some prizes, and Bobii won a cool carved wooden lamp before we were encouraged to hurry away from the market, for once the market is over and the market truce is no longer in effect, the goblins can keep any stragglers. It was fun, and I would definitely like to do it again next year. And now that we know what it’s all about, we won’t be so apprehensive.

When we went back to the room, we packed up as much of our things as we could, showered, and watched TV for a while before going to sleep.

Sunday: Boo, last day of the con! After checking out of the room and taking our luggage to our cars, we walked around for a while before bidding Bobii and Sara farewell. Then Chantel, Liz, and I went to the food trucks to get lunch. I got a super yummy Everything But the Kitchen Sink pizza from the VIP Pizza truck , and we sat on the floor in the atrium to eat and people-watch. After that, we wandered the Dealer’s Room and Artist’s Alley for a while longer before deciding it was time to start our 6+ hour drive home, so we too parted ways.

All in all, A-Kon was a lot of fun this year. Of course, there are always people that are going to annoy me or things I wish were slightly different, but I think they’ve made things a lot better since the first year the convention was held at the Hilton Anatole. I’m glad I was able to spend time with D and Sara since they hadn’t stayed with us in a long time and even though D had to leave the con early due to a family emergency, and it’s always a good time hanging out with Liz and Bobii, so I can pretty much guarantee that, convention aside, I’ll have fun while I’m there.

We’re already talking about potential Welcome to Night Vale cosplay plans, and I’m already looking forward to another year nerding out with my friends at A-Kon!

Note: Photos used in this post do not all belong to me.  They were taken by myself as well as Liz and Chantel, and were nabbed for use here.  ^_^v


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