50 Things I Love Doing

Quite a while back I started following Kylie Bellard after discovering and participating in “a fortnight of self-adoration.”  More recently, Kylie posted “50 things you love to do” and invited readers to make their own list of things they love doing.  I’ve been planning to do my own post ever since then, but I’m just now getting around to it after adding that last few things to my list.  So, here’s my list of 50 things I love doing:

  1. Escaping into a book.
  2. Snuggling my kitties.
  3. Nerding out with friends.
  4. Baking (and sharing goodies with others).
  5. Creating characters.
  6. Writing.
  7. Dressing up.
  8. Sipping coffee while watching the Mindcrack gang on YouTube.
  9. Shopping (for myself and others).
  10. Receiving mail (that isn’t bills or junk).
  11. Taking photos.
  12. Playing with my ball-jointed dolls.
  13. Traveling.
  14. Going to A-Kon and other conventions.
  15. Listening to music.
  16. Browsing for inspiration on tumblr and pinterst.
  17. Looking at the sky.
  18. Seeing a city lit up at night.
  19. Laughing and making others laugh.
  20. Helping people.
  21. Swimming.
  22. Eating good food.
  23. Listening to my friends talk.
  24. Spending time with my twin sister and our mom.
  25. Collecting cute/fun stationery, journals, and pens.
  26. Lighting candles.
  27. Listening to rain, storms, and thunder.
  28. Slipping into my bed made up with fresh, clean sheets.
  29. Daydreaming.
  30. Accomplishing goals.
  31. Dancing.
  32. Trying new teas.
  33. Spending Sundays lounging around in my pajamas.
  34. Cosplaying with friends.
  35. Giving gifts.
  36. Taking baths (especially with lovely LUSH products).
  37. Watching movies.
  38. Wandering around in book stores.
  39. Discovering great new music.
  40. Indulging in nostalgia.
  41. Flipping through magazines.
  42. “Window shopping” online.
  43. Planning future/dream vacations.
  44. Having things to look forward to.
  45. Listening to Welcome to Night Vale.
  46. Adding to my Radical Self Love Bible.
  47. Enjoying the atmosphere of a clean, organized room/house.
  48. Decorating my planner with cute stickers and glittery gel pens.
  49. Imagining the day I can leave my current job.
  50. Finishing something.

So, what do you love doing?  If you’re up for it, trying making your own list of 50 things you love to do.  I’d love to check it out!


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