The Beach

I mentioned the beach in my last post, and briefly talked about going there with my twin sister and best friend a while back, so I decided to post about our trip to the beach and share a few more photos.

As good as it can feel to spend a little time in the sun, I don’t care for hot weather and burn quite easily. I always slather on the SPF 100+ before spending any length of time in the sun, and the three of us used to go on nighttime outings to the beach instead of going during the day. Sometimes we shared the water with a bunch of tiny, bioluminescent organisms that glowed around us as we moved. It always made me feel sort of magical, like a mermaid or faery.

This time, we decided to head out to the beach in the evening to take advantage of a little bit of sunlight and a little bit of dusk. It was Labor Day weekend, so there were a lot of people on the beach, but the further down we drove the further the distance between cars. We parked, got out of the car, and I proceeded to snap some photos while my sister and friend headed into the water. There were so many little, quick-footed birds hustling about on the sand, and a couple of times a group of pelicans flew down close to the waves. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any pictures of them. Because of the time of day during which we were at the beach, it wasn’t hot at all, but because of the time of year it wasn’t cold either. The water felt great! And that feeling of freedom that comes with being in the open water is so refreshing. We played in the waves, occasionally taking large quantities of saltwater to the face, until the sun had almost disappeared behind the dunes. Then, we sat on the sand with the surf rushing up around us and toward the shore for a while before packing up and heading back to the house.

Despite all the time I’ve spent comparing the beach here to the clear-blue-watered beaches I’ve been to in Florida, which had me convinced that my local beaches weren’t all that appealing, I think I’ve come to appreciate the beaches here more than I used to.