13 Goals – Fall 2014

Okay, so I know when I posted my summer goals I said I probably wasn’t going to document my goals here anymore.  I might have lied.  I want to keep challenging myself to get stuff done and do more things, and I think documenting my list here is a good way to try to hold myself accountable.

Several of my summer goals when unaccomplished: organizing my writing, saving $20 per week (I did well with this until I had to put what I’d saved so far toward a down payment on a newer car), having a weekly craft day, creating my magical girl persona (I still want to do this), and going to the movies.  However, I donated through the Animal Rescue Site to help kitties in need, made homemade popsicles, hosted a doll meet-up, did lots of social stuff for GISHWHES, blew bubbles outside, spent time with my characters, wrote 25,000 words of one of my stories for Camp NaNoWriMo, and made s’mores.

My list for this fall includes a lot of creating, so hopefully I can get my inspiration flowing, overcome my bouts of indifference (sometimes I just feel so unmotivated despite all the things I want to do),  and produce some great stuff!  So, here is my list of goals for this fall:

  1.  Participate in and win NaNoWriMo, though I will be rebelling and continuing with an already-in-progress story instead of starting something new.
  2.  Save at least $100.
  3.  Undecided donation/act of kindness.
  4.  Paint a canvas.  I believe I put this on one of my first two lists, but I still haven’t done it!
  5.  Undetermined social thing #1.
  6.  Undetermined social thing #2.
  7.  Try a new Thanksgiving dessert.
  8.  Write an autumn-themed thing, likely a short story or some poems.
  9.  Fill five pages in a sketchbook.
  10.  Post ten non-Things I Love Thursday blog posts.
  11.  Treat myself on my birthday.
  12.  Get a nice new haircut.
  13.  Work on my happy playlist.

And there it is!  Anyone reading this want to accomplish anything in particular over the course of this most wonderful of seasons?


13 Autumn Goals Update

Winter is upon us, so I thought it would be a good time for an update regarding my 13 Autumn Goals.

I’ve crossed off a number of items, but others I have already accepted defeat or am unsure of how successful I will be.

I entered a poetry contest, which is something I’ve never done before.  Unfortunately, I will have to patiently wait until April for the winners to be announced.

I also took Halloween-themed photos of Yuki, which ticks off items that are creative and based on the season.  Under the “based on the season” category, I also tried out two new pumpkin desserts!  I made pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies for Halloween and a coconut pumpkin chiffon pie for Thanksgiving.  However, I’m still shy of completing the specified number of goals for the creative category.

I decided I will start fresh next year with my 52-week saving challenge and opted to use what I had saved so far (not much) as a Christmas shopping fund.  I think it was a good idea even though it means I will not be able to check that goal off the list.

As for acts of kindness, I bought a coworker breakfast one morning when she didn’t have any money.  Other small acts of kindness include buying a book to be donated and dropping change and random dollars into collection buckets instead of stashing them away at home.  These are all very small things, but things that make a difference nonetheless.

I have only done one thing that involved a group or being social.  I went to a Lolita meet-up!  I don’t have any Lolita clothing items, but my friend Lilian (Petticoat Pedaler)invited me, and since I like Lolita fashion and wanted to check things out, I figured it would be a fun way to spend the afternoon.  Everyone looked so cute!  I’m glad I went!

On the things that make me smile front, I sent a surprise Halloween packaged to my friend Ryo, read a seasonal book (Town in a Pumpkin Bash by B. B. Haywood), and attended the above-mentioned event.  I didn’t anticipate a Lolita meet-up being the event that would scratch that item off my list, but it worked out!  However, I’m fairly certain I will close out Autumn without doing much else in the way of socializing.

So, there are a still a couple of things I have yet to accomplish, including losing those 10 lbs (I’m afraid to weigh myself with all the holiday goodies I’ve been lured into tasting and that have probably been negating my workouts).  However, there’s still a little bit of time to get those last few items in.  And if I don’t accomplish them all, that’s okay.  I think I’ve done well to do as much as I have.

Also, one of my creative goals was to write something having to do with Autumn.  I ended up writing a haiku because I continue to struggle with working on my stories.  I intend on writing a short story/scene from a current story for winter, so wish me luck.  For now, I’ll leave you with my haiku:

Air is cool and crisp

Autumn leaves are falling down

All engulfed in flames

Five Senses – Fall Edition

A while back (probably a year or more ago), a friend of mine posted a Five Senses post for the holidays.  At the time, I thought it was a great idea and planned on snagging the idea and preparing my own post soon after.  Well, that never happened.  However, I felt that now would be a wonderful time to start, making this a series I will do for all four seasons.  So, here are some things I love for each of the five senses this fall.


1. Pumpkins – With seasonal décor out and everyone preparing for Halloween, pumpkins seem to be appearing everywhere.  And now pumpkin patches have magically started materializing around town!

2. Houndstooth – I love this pattern, and apparently it is quite in this season.  I’m seeing so many clothing items and accessories that incorporate this classic pattern.

3. Autumn and Halloween colors!

4. Sunsets – Somehow they seem so much more magical this time of year.


1. Cinnamon – As soon as I walk into the grocery store I get hit with the yummy scent of decorative cinnamon wreaths and brooms.  And anything else featuring this warm spice automatically triggers thoughts of fall in my mind.

2. Fall home fragrances – Give me all the pumpkin candles, autumn wax tarts, and other things that will make the house smell like a Fall festival!candles


1. A slightly cooler breeze on my skin – An incredibly welcome feeling in South Texas!

2. Kitty fur – Hide’s is silky as usual, but for some reason Sebastian’s coat feels extra cuddly right now.

3. A nice, smooth hand cream – Fall scents, please!  Right now I’m using Vermont Sugar Maple from Bath & Body Works.


1. Pumpkin, apple, chocolate, warm and sweet spices, sweet potatoes.

Need I say more?


1. MIKA’s Origin of Love album

2. Baths’ Obsidian album

3. Ben L’Oncle Soul

4. Birds chirping

5. A variety of nice instrumental mixes I’ve found via 8tracks.

Now I’ll be looking forward to a winter edition!  Hope you’re all having a lovely fall so far!

13 Autumn Goals

My friend Lilian just launched her blog, Petticoat Pedaler, and devised (along with help from some friends) an idea to set and complete 13 goals during the autumn season.  You can view her post about the challenge here!  Although we’re already a week into fall, there are still 12 weeks in which to set and achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.  I am taking the challenge and will occasionally update my blog regarding any progress made.  These are the guidelines (taken from Lilian’s post) by which I created my goals:

  • 1 item needs to be difficult (at least one thing on this list really needs to challenge you)
  • 1 financial goal
  • 1 item needs to benefit someone else (an act of kindness, volunteer work, etc.)
  • 1 item should be something you are doing for the first time. (Try something new.)
  • At least 2 items should involve a group or being social.  (You don’t have to speak in public, but at least do something with friends)
  • 3 items should be based on the season
  • 3 items need to be creative
  • 3 items need to make you smile. (Do something you will be proud of or that will make you happy)

I’ve come up with a list of goals I’d like to accomplish, though some may change along the way.  Of course, I will note that in an update if it should happen.  Here is my somewhat tentative list:

  • Lose 10 lbs: I do consider this difficult because I have been severely lacking in self-discipline lately and it’s taking me a lot of effort to get back to better eating and exercising habits.
  • Stick to my 52-week saving challenge: I had to use the money from my savings jar earlier this year, and only recently started over, so I would really like to continue through the season (and beyond) without needing to dip into the jar.  By the end of fall I should have $190 in my jar, which is actually a big Halloween Pocky container. XD
  • I have yet to decide on an act of kindness.  It might end up being a spur-of-the-moment sort of thing.
  • Enter a poetry contest: I love writing and have recently been browsing contests to possibly enter.  I think it’s time to take the plunge and just do it.  Alternately, I would like to go to one of the local pumpkin patches (I’ve never gone to one before!) and bring home a couple of nice pumpkins to decorate the porch with.
  • My two group/social items are also to-be-determined.
  • 1. Take Halloween-themed photos of my newest ball-jointed doll, Yuki, a Zuzu Delf Persi (Nine Tails): I have a Halloween dress on the way and have a little witch hat, cauldron, broom, and other items to outfit her with!  2. Write something fall-themed.  3. Unsure, but I have a lot of fall recipes and would like to try out a new pumpkin dessert.
  • 1. Take Halloween-themed photos of Yuki.  2. Write something fall-themed.  3. Paint a canvas (undecided on this one).
  • 1. Send a surprise Halloween treat/package to someone.  2. Attend a festival or other event.  3. Read a seasonal book.

As per Lilian’s info, some of my goals fit under multiple categories, but if I think of other things I’d like to do, I might swap some things around or add additional items.  Otherwise, that’s my list of goals for the autumn season!  I’m looking forward to pushing myself to be more productive and creative this season!

Happy autumn, everyone!