Five Senses – Summer Edition

It’s about that time again!  Summer is winding down, and fall is infiltrating the air (as well as almost every store I’ve been to recently).  Here’s my list of things I’ve been loving this summer, as related to the five senses.


The beach (water, waves, sand, seagulls, etc.), lightning, images and videos of all the awesome and silly things my GISHWHES team accomplished, my new car parked in front of the house.


Fresh watermelon, new books, watermelon lemonade car freshener, blackberry bramble tea candle, rain.


Cool water in a public fountain, kitty hugs (the newest member of the family is quite a snuggler), warm sand beneath my feet.


Blue coconut snow cones, homemade raspberry-mint lemonade popsicles, white flesh peaches, hatch chile everything.


Rude by Magic!, Get Your Guns by The Darling Buds, Work It Out by Knox Hamilton, Vacationer, thunder and rain.


What have you been particularly in to this summer?


Five Senses – Spring Edition

I’m posting this a little later in the season that I hoped to, but sometimes things just happen that way.  I’m continuing with my Five Senses series, and sharing some of the things I’ve loved/am loving this spring.


Birds, flowers, blue skies, fluffy clouds, road trip sights (open road, flowers, fields, cows, horses).



Lemon shampoo, pineapple hand cream, honeysuckle, roses, petrichor.



Warm breezes, the softness of fresh, clean sheets, satsuma salt scrub (also smells AMAZING), Mary Kay peach hand treatment, the internal feelings/emotions of seeing and spending time with friends I hadn’t seen in a year (I know this isn’t really associated with the actual sense of touch, but whatever).  ❤


Strawberry-lemon water, raspberry-mint lemonade, fruity green and white teas, fresh blueberries and raspberries, frozen cappuccino coladas.


The 1975, Kpop, chirping birds, rain.


What have you been loving this season?

PS. I borrowed the cloud picture from my sister, Chantel.

Five Senses – Winter Edition

Back in October, I posted an entry listing my favorite fall things as related to the five senses.  We’re a good way into winter, and a few cold days have reminded me of some of my favorite winter things.  So, here are some things I love this winter!


1. The wing print on my favorite sweater.


2. The moon shining in the sky on a winter night.

3. Skeletal trees.


1. Peppermint.  I think peppermint is a quintessential winter scent, and one I always enjoy throughout the season.  Right now I have a peppermint scent in my Scentsy warmer and peppermint hand soap in my bathroom.  Also, it’s such a cheery fragrance, so uplifting!

2. Philosophy’s Spiced Gingerbread Cookie 3-in-1 shower gel, shampoo, and bubble bath.  Perfection!

3. The fireplace.  A log burning on the fire is such a comfortable and comforting scent.


1. Snuggly blankets.

2. Nice, rich hand and body creams to keep my skin moisturized during these cooler months.

3. Cool weather!  We’ve had some really cold days (for South Texas), and even though it’s warmed up over the past couple of days, the cool breeze feels amazing!


1. Hot cocoa.

cocoa and tea

2. Apple cider (and apple cider cocktails!).

3. Spiced teas.

4. Chocolate.

5. Gingerbread.  Made some yummy gingerbread muffins recently!


1. The wind blowing.

2. Charlie Winston.

3. Kings of Leon.

4. Pearl Jam – Sirens.

5. Midwinter Masquerade [2012].

6. Kpop!  After not keeping up with much Korean music over the past year or so, my interesting in and love for it was somehow reignited last weekend.  :3

Alright!  Next up…spring!  Hope you’re all having a magical winter!

Five Senses – Fall Edition

A while back (probably a year or more ago), a friend of mine posted a Five Senses post for the holidays.  At the time, I thought it was a great idea and planned on snagging the idea and preparing my own post soon after.  Well, that never happened.  However, I felt that now would be a wonderful time to start, making this a series I will do for all four seasons.  So, here are some things I love for each of the five senses this fall.


1. Pumpkins – With seasonal décor out and everyone preparing for Halloween, pumpkins seem to be appearing everywhere.  And now pumpkin patches have magically started materializing around town!

2. Houndstooth – I love this pattern, and apparently it is quite in this season.  I’m seeing so many clothing items and accessories that incorporate this classic pattern.

3. Autumn and Halloween colors!

4. Sunsets – Somehow they seem so much more magical this time of year.


1. Cinnamon – As soon as I walk into the grocery store I get hit with the yummy scent of decorative cinnamon wreaths and brooms.  And anything else featuring this warm spice automatically triggers thoughts of fall in my mind.

2. Fall home fragrances – Give me all the pumpkin candles, autumn wax tarts, and other things that will make the house smell like a Fall festival!candles


1. A slightly cooler breeze on my skin – An incredibly welcome feeling in South Texas!

2. Kitty fur – Hide’s is silky as usual, but for some reason Sebastian’s coat feels extra cuddly right now.

3. A nice, smooth hand cream – Fall scents, please!  Right now I’m using Vermont Sugar Maple from Bath & Body Works.


1. Pumpkin, apple, chocolate, warm and sweet spices, sweet potatoes.

Need I say more?


1. MIKA’s Origin of Love album

2. Baths’ Obsidian album

3. Ben L’Oncle Soul

4. Birds chirping

5. A variety of nice instrumental mixes I’ve found via 8tracks.

Now I’ll be looking forward to a winter edition!  Hope you’re all having a lovely fall so far!