Some Inspiration

I feel inspired by different things at different times, so tonight I want to share some of the things I’ve found inspiring recently.

1. Paths and trails

Images of paths and trails make me think about the possibilities and where those paths lead. I am particularly fond of images of paths leading into forests, woods, and other wilds. As a reader and writer of fantasy-based stories, I see magic in these images.

lumbering track


I listen to a lot of Japanese music, and I love this band. Their music is at times uplifting and at times melancholic, sometimes hard and sometimes soft. Ryo’s voice is unique and draws me into the music. It is in some ways powerful and in other ways delicate. There are some bands whose music just makes you feel things, and that’s something 9GOATS BLACK OUT does for me. It’s a shame that they are disbanding early next year. Ryo’s look also inspires me as a creator of characters and writer of stories.

3. The beach

Corpus Christi is near the Gulf of Mexico, so the beach isn’t all that far from me. A short-ish drive would take me to North Padre Island anytime I want. However, I don’t go to the beach much. Sometimes I think it’s because the excitement of the beach is lost on me since I’ve lived here all my life and don’t have any nearby friends to enjoy the beach with. My best friend visited for a weekend about a month ago and she, Chantel (my twin sister), and I went to the beach for a little while. Now I want to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf more often, and seeing pictures of beaches makes me want to go even more. There’s just something refreshing about the feeling of freedom you get when you swim the ocean.

For anyone who cares to share, what’s inspiring you lately?